Sold! 26 Hours 6 Minutes

Nonseries Work

My 12 x 12 quilt “26 Hours 6 Minutes,” which I donated to the Contemporary QuiltArt Association (CQA) for FUNdraising and the Steadman Challenge, sold at the Vashon Center for the Arts last month during CQA’s Quilts Unlimited exhibition.

When a good friend and fellow quilter moved to Omaha, Nebraska, she gave me a large bag of her fabric scraps, which I combined with some of mine. I call this small art quilt “26 Hours 6 Minutes” because that is the time, according to Google Maps, that it would take me to drive to her house. Fortunately, thanks to Zoom and email, our friendship remains closer.

26 Hours 6 Minutes

3 thoughts on “Sold! 26 Hours 6 Minutes

  1. Wonderful news about your cleverley titled art. Glad to know that your work continues to resonate with the fiber art loving public, Melisse.

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