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Collage, Nonseries Work

Several of my pieces will be out in the world over the next few weeks. I encourage you to check them out, along with the causes they support.

Fiber Optix at the Cove

Penn Cove Pottery, Coupeville, WA
September–October 2021

The Fiber Optix show at Penn Cove Pottery on Whidbey Island includes two of my quilts.

Janet and Me
Janet and Me

Janet and Me
Size: 17″w x 28″h
Materials and techniques: Hand-dyed cotton fabrics, polyester & silk quilting thread; machine pieced & quilted

This piece is a tribute to my mentor, my friend, and former Whidbey Island resident Janet Steadman. When Janet moved more than 2500 miles away, I inherited two large bags of scraps from her studio with joy. This art piece combines some of Janet’s hand dyes as companions to mine.


Size: 21″w x 31″h
Materials and techniques: Fabrics hand dyed by the artist; machine collaged, pieced & quilted

This is one of my older pieces that has been well received in several exhibitions. It has been shown at Women Who Dream Art in Longview, WA; Fabricated Elements in Portland, OR; CQA – Zarzuela in Seattle; Burnt Offerings in Gresham, OR; and the QSDS Invitational 2003 in Columbus, OH.

SAQA Benefit Auction

Studio Art Quilt Associates (online)
September 10–October 3, 2021

The SAQA’s annual benefit auction has opened with any piece in the auction available for $1,000 to the first bidder through Sunday. After the opening, the auction will offer quilts in sections. If it is not sold during the opening, my donation will be up for bids in Section 3, September 27–October 3. All proceeds help support SAQA’s exhibition programs, publications, and education outreach. You can find full details about how the auction works here.

Social Distancing
Social Distancing

Social Distancing
Size: 12″w x 12″h

“Social distancing” of one kind or another has been around for centuries, including political, religious, economic, class, sexism and political distances. American writer Audre Lorde, who dedicated her life and her work to confronting and addressing these injustices, once said, “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences.” My hope is that we can “recognize, accept and celebrate” our differences and live peacefully together in this society.

9th Annual Celebrate! Auction

Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation (online)
September 27–October 1, 2021

I will be donating a piece to the The Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation annual benefit auction, which opens online September 27 with a live event October 1. All funds raised directly serve Northwest Parkinson’s communities, including the one in which I’m active in Bellingham. I’ll share more about my donation as the event gets closer.

Successful Quilts

Collage, Nonseries Work

In my last post I told you about a new product called WireForm. I used it on a new quilt in my collage series which, along with another new pieced quilt, were juried into a CQA (Contemporary QuiltArt Association) exhibition which opens this weekend in Tieton, Washington. Some friends and I will be there for the opening.


34″h x 35″w

First about the quilts: On “Sustantivo” I used the WireForm, folded into strips, to connect the smaller pieces that I do in my collage technique.


25″h x 25″w

“Fandango” is a pieced – rather complicated I must admit – quilt. Both will hang in “Salsa,” which runs 5/25 through 7/14/13 at the Mighty Tieton Warehouse Gallery in Tieton, WA.

Second about Tieton: Where in the h— is it? Mighty Tieton is a group of entrepreneurial creative individuals (designers, architects, artists) working in Central Washington to revitalize the economy of the town and region.  Their Warehouse Gallery is located at 608 Wisconsin Ave, Tieton, WA, which is 15 miles west of Yakima on Highways 410/12, approximately two and one-half hours from Seattle.

Healing IMore good news: An older quilt, “Healing I” we juried into the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) exhibition, “Color Wheel of Emotions.” This is only the second SAQA show my work has been accepted and it was one of 19 out of 268 entries. The show opens a the World Quilt Show in New Hampshire 8/15-8/18/13; travels to the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza in Oaks 9/19-9/22/13 and then to the Pacific International Quilt Fest in Santa Clara, CA 10/7-10/11/13. More venues may be added.

All of this inspires me to work in my studio. I’m machine quilting on another in my “Sticks” series and starting to piece the works inspired by my Hawaii and Australia photos that I mentioned in my last post. All of this fits into May activities and life in general. I keep telling myself that quilting is a priority, but … More next time.

I’m high-tech – check out my new blog


Thanks to our computer-savvy daughter, I now have a blog. You can subscribe to it by clicking the button that says “Yes, please” under “Subscribe” in the right-hand column.

More news: two of my quilts, “Sorok” and “Sorok dva,” have been accepted into an exhibit at the Lynnwood Convention Center in Lynnwood, WA, 1/10-7/31/11.

Both of these quilts are from my collage series and are made up of collaged squares joined with jewelry chain that I color altered with a butane torch. I’d love for you to buy one of them – or both! Please go to the Contact Me page for details.

Stay tuned on the blog for more adventures of Melisse in creative computerland.


©2004 Melisse Laing
62″w x 73″h

Sorok dva

“Sorok dva”
©2006 Melisse Laing
54″w x 73″h