Color Improvisations Exhibit Continues Its Journey

Color Improvisations

My quilts “Seeing the Light” and “Out on a Limb” were in the second German venue of Color Improvisations, which closed Sunday, June 12, in the city of Karlsruhe. The show was on the second floor of the Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe, within a minute’s walk of the central market square. Color Improvisations appeared concurrently with another exhibit, Quilts from Sweden to Israel.

Uta Lenk, another artist in Color Improvisations, said the May opening in Karlsruhe was attended by a number of people. The audience was reportedly quite impressed by knowledgeable remarks on quilting by the museum director, Werner Lerch. In addition, the audience was treated to a lecture titled “Women and Creativity” by Dr. Annette Bernards, and Susanne Rosea performed a couple of songs on a golden lyre. As we learned in Stuttgart, these Europeans know how to put on a wonderful opening!

Thomas Curtze, who produced the Color Improvisations catalog and the pictures from the opening in Stuttgart, also took pictures in Karlsruhe.
“Seeing the Light” can be seen on the right side of the 7th photo.

Beata Keller-Kerchner, an artist from Switzerland who also has work in Color Improvisations, made two short videos of the exhibition. In her “short walk around,” you see not only the quilts but also the beautiful space in which they hung.

The videos are on YouTube, part 1 and part 2.

Winding up this post, I must brag about another success for “Seeing the Light,” one of my two quilts in this exhibition.  It has been accepted for Sandra Sider’s new book The Studio Quilt, No. 6: State of the Art. The book will contain works by sixty artists. As a further brag, “Seeing the Light” will be on the front of the volume. The book is set for release in November and will be available on The first two volumes in The Studio Quilt series, featuring artists Ludmila Aristova and Jeannette Meyer, are now available on Amazon.


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