New Work, New Ideas, New Product

Nonseries Work

If you’re a regular reader – which I hope you are – I’m sure that you know my posts are NOT regular. I hope you wish they were more often, but I don’t think I can offer any encouragement. My life seems to be filled with activities – both artistic and non – but I feel that’s much better than being bored. And bored I’m definitely not!

I spent my wonderful, annual week studying with Nancy Crow in March. Nancy always gives me a kick in my you-know-what and inspires me to spend more time in my studio. This I have been doing. I’ve finished machine quilting two more of my “Sticks” series. I’ve also created two new quilts – both of which, promise, I will post after I find out if they got in a show. And I’m working on the start of what might be a new series, based on photos I took in Australia and Hawaii.

Inspiration for new quilt

Inspiration for new quilt

One of the quilts uses a product that really excites me. WireForm is a brass designer’s mesh. I got it from Dick Blick Art Supply in Portland, OR. (They have stores in other locations plus on-line sales.) It’s a “screening” that comes in various sizes and weights. I got the brass 18-mesh. It is easily cut with scissors, is moldable and can be machine sewn. I’ve always wanted to put dimension in my quilts. I’ve worked with different weight stiffeners, but I think this product might be interested. I’ll keep you posted.

All good things must come to and end. The Color Improvisations show is over and the quilts are being shipped to their homes. Color Improvisations was exhibited in eight locations in six countries in Europe and Britain since July 2010. Three of the quilts sold; unfortunately not one of mine. It was a great opportunity.

Speaking of great opportunities exhibits both local and national are requesting entry applications from artists. This is why I’m spending more time in my studio and less on other things, like spring cleaning and e-mail. I recommend you do the same. Don’t miss out on the many opportunities.


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