Happy Holidays!

Nonseries Work



Happy Holidays! I hope yours are as fun, family, friends and frolicking as mine!

 Actually I’m looking forward to packing up the Christmas wrap, which has taken over the cutting table in my studio, and getting back to work. I have several projects that need re-acting, finishing up and/or discarding.

 How do you get back in the art mode after “life” has usurped your time and space? Clean and organize your space? Finish up those UFO’s? Make some resolutions?

 I work on those things, but I figure it’s a new year. There are lots of new ideas in my heads and new tempting techniques. I’m going to start a new project – something fun, something “out of the box”, something to get my rotary cutter and sewing machine working. It might not “work” but I’m looking forward to starting as the year starts.

 In the meantime, have a wonderful end-of-the year. I’ll cut this short to let the dog out and put a batch of cookies in the oven.


One thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Melisse, are we living the same lives? My cutting table . . . . . . My studio, the same, but the cookies are baked along with stollen and a huge batch of spaghetti sauce (in case I am in a hurry some day). Kids are arriving within the hour.

    And a blessed Christmas to you and your family!!!


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