Join the Live Zoom Exhibit


Several pieces from my Parkinson Series, including the new ones I shared last month, have been included in the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation April Artists Gallery. NW Parkinson’s has been raising awareness all month by showcasing the work of artists with Parkinson’s disease.

Tomorrow, April 30, the gallery is presenting a free, live exhibition event via Zoom that starts at 4 pm PDT. During the online exhibition, NW Parkinson’s staff and artists will discuss their work and answer questions from the community. You can register for the Zoom presentation here. I hope to see you online.

My Battle with Parkinson: Hope
My Battle with Parkinson: Hope

3 thoughts on “Join the Live Zoom Exhibit

  1. I really like this piece. I missed the Zoom too as I’ve never figured out how to do Zoom and have a definite problem being on the computer at a specific time.

  2. Hi Melisse, I’m so sorry I missed this zoom presentation. I glanced at the email and thought there was a link within it. Anyway my assumption led me to find out that there was no longer a chance available to to be with you. I hope it went well. I miss not seeing you. Take care, Tony

  3. Thx for the heads-up! I have registered to watch the event this afternoon.


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