Color Improvisations Travels to British Isles in 2012

Color Improvisations, Nonseries Work

I recently learned that Color Improvisations will be shown alongside The Knitting and Stitching Show in both England and Ireland in autumn 2012. My two quilts created for the show, “Seeing the Light” and “Out on a Limb,” will be among those on exhibit.

The London exhibition will be held at the Alexandra Palace  October 11-14, 2012. The palace was originally built by the people of North London to mirror the Crystal Place in South London where the Great Exhibition was staged in 1851. During the last century the Alexandra Palace was the home of the BBC and the world’s first television transmission was broadcast from this building.

Today the Knitting and Stitching Show in London attracts some 50,000 visitors and is the leading public textile event in Europe. To mark the opening of the London event, Nancy Crow, who curated the Color Improvisations exhibition, has been invited to lecture on Friday, October 12, 2012, at the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum.

November 1-4, 2012, the Knitting and Stitching Show will host Color Improvisations at the Royal Dublin Society in Dublin, Ireland. The RDS was formed in 1731 to promote the development of Ireland’s agriculture, arts and science. The Knitting and Stitching Show attracts around 24,000 visitors each year in Dublin. Color Improvisations will be housed in an adjoining hall where recent renovations have uncovered an original timber framed and pillared Victorian hall.

Closer to home one of my three-dimensional quilts, “Green Vessel,”Green vessel has been juried into Earth and Fire, a Columbia Fiber Arts exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, OR. ( The exhibit contains 26 pieces by member artists of CFG and will be on display through January 8, 2012. CFG’s exhibition is in conjunction with Northwest Modern: Revisiting the Annual Ceramic Exhibitions of 1950–64, an examination of juried exhibitions held at the Oregon Ceramic Studio, now Museum of Contemporary Craft.

Meanwhile, you might be wondering about what happened to my “sticks” project. Actually one is blocked out on my design wall, but it’s on hold as I complete some Christmas projects. They’re a secret until after December 25th when I’ll share with you my successes – and frustrations!

At this time of year I reflect on the many things for which I’m thankful – family, friends, church, good (and aging) health, and especially the opportunity to create  art. May you have many blessings, too.

Color Improvisations Exhibit Continues Its Journey

Color Improvisations

My quilts “Seeing the Light” and “Out on a Limb” were in the second German venue of Color Improvisations, which closed Sunday, June 12, in the city of Karlsruhe. The show was on the second floor of the Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe, within a minute’s walk of the central market square. Color Improvisations appeared concurrently with another exhibit, Quilts from Sweden to Israel.

Uta Lenk, another artist in Color Improvisations, said the May opening in Karlsruhe was attended by a number of people. The audience was reportedly quite impressed by knowledgeable remarks on quilting by the museum director, Werner Lerch. In addition, the audience was treated to a lecture titled “Women and Creativity” by Dr. Annette Bernards, and Susanne Rosea performed a couple of songs on a golden lyre. As we learned in Stuttgart, these Europeans know how to put on a wonderful opening!

Thomas Curtze, who produced the Color Improvisations catalog and the pictures from the opening in Stuttgart, also took pictures in Karlsruhe.
“Seeing the Light” can be seen on the right side of the 7th photo.

Beata Keller-Kerchner, an artist from Switzerland who also has work in Color Improvisations, made two short videos of the exhibition. In her “short walk around,” you see not only the quilts but also the beautiful space in which they hung.

The videos are on YouTube, part 1 and part 2.

Winding up this post, I must brag about another success for “Seeing the Light,” one of my two quilts in this exhibition.  It has been accepted for Sandra Sider’s new book The Studio Quilt, No. 6: State of the Art. The book will contain works by sixty artists. As a further brag, “Seeing the Light” will be on the front of the volume. The book is set for release in November and will be available on The first two volumes in The Studio Quilt series, featuring artists Ludmila Aristova and Jeannette Meyer, are now available on Amazon.

Color Improvisations Goes to Verona, Italy

Color Improvisations

Verona, Italy, has been added to the exhibition schedule for Color Improvisations. My two quilts created for the show, “Seeing the Light” and “Out on a Limb,” will be among those at the Museum of Fine Art in Verona’s Palazzo Forti, 3/8-13/11.

Not only is this a huge opportunity for the exhibition, adding yet another country to the show’s tour, but it’s an amazing location to show contemporary art quilts. Palazzo Forti is Verona’s modern art gallery, but the building itself is anything but modern. Constructed in the 13th century on what was a Roman site, the first attempt to convert it to a museum was thwarted by the Austrian occupation. After the war, the building spent a few months as a museum, only to be closed again until the 1980s. It finally found its place in the art world in 1982. Since then, it has held exhibitions dedicated to Italian artists, the Impressionists and the Expressionists and has built a permanent collection that includes the works of Italian notables such as Fattori, Guidi and Dall’Oca Bianca.

You can read more about the history of this building by following the link on the Color Improvisations website. And you can read more about – and see more photos of – the show on the Color Improvisations page on my blog.

Seeing the Light

“Seeing the Light”
©2009 Melisse Laing
77”w x 74”h